Official logo

If you would like a copy of our logo, we have both .png version and .svg versions available for download. The !CHAOS logo should only be used as a single graphical unit, it must not be adapted, re-coloured, or modified in any way other than uniformly re-scaling the logo to fit the intended usage. Two logos are available for use: a full-colour version to be used on white and light-coloured backgrounds, and a white version to be used on dark backgrounds.



               Download PNG file (891 x 4659) logo_chaos.png                                          Download PNG file (891 x 4659) logo_chaos_black.png

               Download SVG file logo_chaos.svg                                                                 Download SVG file logo_chaos_black.svg                           



              Download PNG file (891 x 4659) logo_chaos_icon_col.png                           Download PNG file (891 x 4659) logo_chaos_icon_black.png