• "CHAOS: a cloud of controls" has been a "progetto premiale" carried on from 2012 to 2014. The project aimed at the realization of a prototype of Control as a Service open platform suited for a large number of applications in science, industry and society. The project has been successfully conclused.

In progress

  • Collaboration with IMA S.p.A.: a pilot project for the prognostic of faults in production lines is ongoing. The project is carried on in collaboration with — and co-funded by — an important industrial partner, world leader in automation for processing and packaging of goods.
  • DAFNE: CHAOS is going to be adapted in order to improve the performance of  some subsystems of the DAFNE accelerator at LNF.
  • BTF: the DAFNE Beam Test Facility is the natural gym for testing and developing CHAOS. The next step will be the replacement of the BTF control system with CHAOS
  • !CHAOS infrastructure @LNF: a hardware infrastructure dedicated to host the !CHAOS framework is going to be installed at LNF. This infrastructure will provide the LNF with a CaaS (Control as a Service) for the management of accelerator machines and other experimental installations, both local and remote.


  • ADAMUS: we have applied to the "Regione Lazio" for the ADAMUS project which consists in the realization of an advanced environmental monitoring system for museums.
  • Sparc: we have applied to INFN for a "progetto premiale" for the Sparc accelerator control system upgrade.