Control system based on Highly Abstracted and Open Structure


Control System
Data Acquisition




The !CHAOS project aims to develop a new concept of control system and data acquisition framework by providing, with a high level of abstraction, all the services needed for controlling and managing a large scientific or non-scientific infrastructure.
!CHAOS redefines the Control System paradigm by introducing the new concept of Control Service, i.e. a distributed, scalable provider offering to a general class of clients, high-performance services such as data sharing, commands dispatching, continuous historical data archiving, configuration tools, middle-layer resource management, etc ...

The key features and development strategies of !CHAOS are:

  • 1 scalability of performances and size
  • 2 integration of all functionalities
  • 3 abstraction of services, devices and data
  • 4 easy and modular customisation
  • 5 extensive data catching for performance boosting
  • 6 high-performance internet software technologies